Martin Mbui: University Graduate Turns to Boda Boda Riding After Failing to Secure a Job, Earns Up to Sh 2,000 per Day

With the nation grappling with soaring unemployment rates, many recent university graduates are turning to unconventional means to sustain themselves financially.

Among these individuals is Martin Mbui Muchira, who obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Nairobi in 2017 but currently finds himself working in the Boda Boda sector.

In a recent interview, the 26-year-old father disclosed his struggles in securing a job related to his field despite relentless job applications to various organizations.

“I’ve sent out countless applications since graduation, year after year, but haven’t landed a job,” shared Mr. Martin, who operates his Boda Boda business in Nairobi Central District.

Expressing disappointment, he recounted how he and his parents had high expectations that his education would lead to better opportunities and financial stability.

“I was thrilled to graduate from the country’s top university. I had hoped for smoother job prospects. My parents also envisioned an improvement in our economic situation, but sadly, that hasn’t been the case,” he lamented.

Mr. Muchira initially entered the Boda Boda sector while still in university, juggling academic life with running a small tuck shop to fund his education and living expenses.

“I returned to Boda Boda riding when it became evident that the job opportunities I had anticipated were not materializing even a year post-graduation,” he explained.

He now earns an average of Sh 40,000 per month, equivalent to between Sh 1,000 and Sh 2,000 per day.