Eddie Butita : Why Jackie Vicky is the Richest Female Artist in Kenya.

One of the famous content creator and comedian in Kenya, Eddie Butita has revealed that Jackie Vicky is the richest female artist in kenya. Jackie is famous as Awinja Nyamwalo and is the former actress of Papa Shirandula show.

The show that used to he aired on Citizen Tv few years ago. According to Butita, Jackie Vicky has invested and packaged herself very well. He said that the funny Awinja usually doesn’t like to show off that she has millions of money. Butita said that one thing that shows Jackie Vicky is the richest artist in Kenya , is her dressing code during events.

He said that Awinja Nyamwalo can just buy a dress worth ksh. 25000Just for a particular event. Her fashion is very expensive and it is rare to see her repeating the same dressing code in different events. While on duty she usually dresses weird , but during events she usually shows up in expensive outfits.

Eddie Butita therefore concluded that Awinja is the richest female artist in Kenya, followed by Size 8 . Diana Bahati comes the 3rd because of the multimillion brand deals she has been signing.