” I Slept With Kiptum kelvin Knowing He Is Married, He Had Promised To Marry Me” Edna Reveals.

The recent controversy surrounding the relationship between Kiptum and Edna Awour has finally been addressed by Edna herself, providing the answers that people have been seeking.

During an interview with Tuko News, 22-year-old Edna revealed that she first crossed paths with Kiptum while she was in high school, and their romantic involvement began during her third year. Upon completing her high school education in 2019, she chose to live with Kiptum, fully aware of his marital status. Despite his married status, Edna continued the relationship, citing Kiptum’s affectionate and caring nature as qualities any woman would desire.

In 2021, Edna became pregnant with Kiptum’s child, and they named their baby Cherop Kiptum—the same name as Kiptum’s youngest daughter from his official marriage. Edna clarified that she and Kiptum’s wife were acquainted and used to communicate with each other.

At the inception of Edna and Kiptum’s relationship, there were tensions with his wife. However, over time, they managed to overcome their differences, and Edna even occasionally spoke to Kiptum’s wife when she couldn’t reach him on the phone.

Edna disclosed that Kiptum had promised to marry her, despite having plans to wed his wife in April 2024. According to Edna, Kiptum had envisioned a bright future for her, including plans to support her education.

Despite not receiving recognition during Kiptum’s funeral, Edna remains optimistic that the child, Cherop Kiptum, will receive the necessary support, and the truth will be revealed through a DNA test. Edna asserts that she possesses substantial evidence, and a significant number of people close to Kiptum are aware of their relationship.