Viral clip: Tahidi High actress shares a plate of food with her puppy -

Viral clip: Tahidi High actress shares a plate of food with her puppy

A TikTok video of Carol Mwaura, also known as Miss Goretti from the show Tahidi High, has gone viral on social media. The video shows Carol eating from the same bowl as her pet dog, Eli, while her friend records and questions her behavior.

Despite criticism from some of her fans, Carol defends her actions, claiming that her dog is clean and she enjoys eating with it. She further adds that it is better to eat with a dog than with a betrayer.

After the feeding, Carol’s pet walks away, and she compares the dog’s behavior to that of men when they are done with a woman. Her friend Wambui defends her and says that Carol’s personality cannot be shaken by trolls.

In the past, Carol pursued studying foreign languages, specifically German, to search for a better life in Europe. Unfortunately, she was scammed by an agency and registered to work as a house help in Lebanon, which she described as modern-day slavery. Upon her return to Kenya, she pursued her talent in acting and singing and has since appeared in several Kikuyu shows.

Carol is a talented musician and songwriter who has composed songs like ‘Ningukurumirira’ and ‘Wendo ta Ucio’. She is currently promoting her new song dubbed ‘Karugano’.

While some dog owners share table scraps with their pets, a vet warns of potential health dangers if a dog shares food directly from a human’s plate. Plates licked by dogs can harbor hidden bacteria such as salmonella, which dishwashing cannot destroy. Additionally, many foods still on human plates can poison dogs, making them ill.

Overall, Carol’s video has sparked a conversation about the safety of eating with pets and the boundaries we set with our furry friends. While some may see it as a harmless act of love and bonding, others raise concerns about potential health risks.