Meet Musa Hasadji:Man With 568 Grandchildren ,10 Wives, 98 Children Who All Live in One House -

Meet Musa Hasadji:Man With 568 Grandchildren ,10 Wives, 98 Children Who All Live in One House

Musa Hasadji is a 67-year-old man from the Butaleja district in Uganda, who has gained fame for having the largest family in the world. Musa has ten wives, 98 children, and 568 grandchildren, making for a family of over 700 members. He referred to polygamy as a gift from God and claimed to be the only man in Uganda with so many wives.

Despite having such a large family, Musa admitted he could not recall all of their names, but he could recognize them. Many of his children are married or pursuing an education, and he has built huts near the house for his children. Musa’s elder wife is Hanifa Hasadji, and his younger wife is Kakaji, who is younger than some of Musa’s grandchildren.

Musa’s younger wife, Kakaji, was supportive of his multiple marriages and claimed that they would take care of her if he married again. All of Musa’s wives cook separately, but they all live together in the same house, coming from different parts of Uganda.

Musa started his family at the age of 17, and after his first marriage, he began a successful millet-selling business. He then ventured into the mutton and chicken business, which grew to include hundreds of goats. Musa owns several acres of land where he grows crops. His family experienced a difficult time when they had 30 children, and crops failed to produce well, leading to a shortage of food. However, they overcame this challenge and are back on track.

In his first two marriages, Musa gave his wives three cows and four goats as dowry, but he had to reduce it to two cows in subsequent marriages due to scarcity. Musa attributes his success to hard work and determination, starting from zero and becoming a successful businessman. Although he had ten marriages, he stated that he would not marry again.