“Yeye Ndio Alinikatia” Mulamwah Reveals That Ruth K Begged For His Phone Number.

Mulamwah, a renowned online content creator, comedian, and radio presenter, has found love once again after a tumultuous separation from Carol Sonnie. In the aftermath of his breakup, Ruth K, Mulamwah’s close friend, played a pivotal role in helping him heal. Unexpectedly, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship, and they are now expecting a child together.

In a revealing video on Ruth K’s official channel, Mulamwah shared the story of how they first crossed paths. Although he didn’t disclose the specific year, he recounted that they met during the time he was still dating Carol Sonnie. The encounter took place in Eldoret, where Mulamwah was purchasing construction materials at a hardware store.

During this chance meeting, Ruth K took the initiative to ask for Mulamwah’s phone number, sparking the beginning of their connection. Their initial conversations evolved into a deeper friendship, and Ruth K eventually proposed a face-to-face meeting. Their first meeting in Eldoret marked the beginning of a strong bond, even though Mulamwah was still in a relationship with Carol Sonnie at the time.

Mulamwah, in an earlier introduction, had presented Ruth K as a signee under Mulamwah Entertainment. However, it was only after parting ways with Carol that their friendship deepened, and Ruth K became a source of comfort during Mulamwah’s healing process. Gradually, their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship, and the couple decided to take a chance on love.

As of 2024, Mulamwah and Ruth K are happily expecting a child together, solidifying their status as a power couple. Mulamwah is once again content, and we extend our heartfelt wishes to them for a successful and joyous journey in their relationship.