Kenyan family has until May 15 to raise KSh143M or their son faces execution in Saudi Arabia

A Kenyan family is in a desperate race against time, striving to gather approximately KSh150 million to spare their son from execution in Saudi Arabia.

The plight of Stephen Bertrand Munyakho has a deadline of May 15 looming over it, by which the funds must be amassed, or he faces death for the crime of murder.

What unfolded was an unfortunate altercation on April 9, 2011, between Munyakho, then employed as a warehouse manager, and his colleague Abdul Halim Mujahid Makrad Saleh, a Yemeni national. Tragically, this altercation resulted in the death of Saleh.

“For the past 13 years, he has been incarcerated in various prisons in Saudi Arabia after being found guilty of the death of his colleague… Currently, he is held in Shimeisi Prison in the Makkah region,” the family explains.

Initially, Munyakho, who sustained injuries during the incident, received a five-year prison sentence for manslaughter. However, a Shariah court later overturned this verdict, sentencing him to death following an appeal by the victim’s family.

“We appeal urgently to compassionate Kenyans to aid us in raising 3.5 million Saudi Riyals (approximately Ksh150 million /US$940,000). This significant sum constitutes the ‘blood money’ necessary for Stevo’s release. The rapidly approaching deadline for payment, next Wednesday, May 15, adds to the urgency,” implores the family.

Emily Abukho, Munyakho’s sister, expresses the family’s enduring hopefulness in securing the required amount through all available means.

Thus far, the family has managed to gather KSh7 million towards their goal.

Contributions can be made through direct transfers to Munyakho’s mother, Dorothy Kweyu Musopole, via Mpesa at 0702-878-717, or via the designated Paybill number 8056677, under the account name “Lets Bring Back Stevo.”