Thee Pluto: Reveals how me makes over ksh 9Million from youtube in one Year

The popular content creator, Robert Ndegwa Kamau, also known as Thee Pluto, has revealed that he earned Ksh 9.1 million from YouTube in the past 365 days. Although he did not want to disclose his earnings publicly, he felt compelled to do so due to people questioning the source of his wealth.

Thee Pluto stated that he is also a businessman and is involved in various other ventures besides YouTube. He expressed his frustration with people branding him a scammer and trying to discredit his wealth. He almost lost all his brand endorsements due to a false accusation but managed to save them because of his investments.

The content creator hinted at the possibility of leaving social media in the coming year, stating that he no longer feels like it’s his thing. He plans to delete his social media handles and live a private life.

Thee Pluto is popular for his YouTube show, ‘Loyalty Test,’ where he exposes unfaithful partners in relationships by checking their text messages. He calls it ‘sanitization’ and uses random couples on the streets to assess if they have cheated on each other.