My Father Turned Me Into His Wife After Our Mother Died, He Ran Away And Left Me after I gave birth

Grace from Naivasha has narrated how her father turned her into his wife after her mother died and later after her neighbors what he was doing he ran away and left her to take care of her siblings…..CONTINUE READING

According to her is that she is the first born in a family of three, Her mother was working in a flower farm and one day she got into an accident and died on spot and that when all her troubles started.

She says that her father was working in a construction site and he used to come home on weekends, After they buried their the money that was contributed he paid the rent for three months and bought food and later went back to work.

Grace says that her father went for six months without coming back to check on them, the food that he had left for them go finished and neighbors were the one giving them food.They even stopped going to school since they had no school fees.

She says that after six months her father came back and that night he told her he was going to sleep with her on his bed and the others were going to sleep on the chairs since it was a single room.She says that night her father forced himself on her and warned her not to tell anyone.

In the morning he left 200 shillings for her and he went back to work, after two weekends he came back and forced himself on her again.She says that the next weekend when he came she told her brother to go and call one of their neighbors when they go to sleep so they can see what her father has been doing to her.

She says that that when the neighbors came they found them in the bed and they started screaming and that when her father ran away in the midst of the people and up to date she has never seen him again over 10years now.She says that she was left to take care of her siblings all alone.

She is now pleading with well wishers to help her get a job so they she can be able to raise her kids and her small sister who is still in school.