‘I’m the only baby mama Eric Omondi has!’ Fiancée Lynn declares

Lynn Njihia, Eric Omondi’s fiancee, has made it clear that she currently has no intentions of expanding their family anytime soon. Content with raising their five-month-old daughter, she emphatically stated, “For now, mother of one, daddy of one PERIOD.”

In a candid discussion on her YouTube channel, Lynn shared that there are no immediate plans for a second child with Eric. Citing the trauma from her previous pregnancy, she expressed the need to heal before considering another addition to their family. Lynn affirmed, “For now, no. We have no plans. We’ll focus on Kayla for now, and I need time to heal from the trauma of my last pregnancy. Once we’re ready and plan as we did for Kayla, we’ll think about having another one.”

Responding to a fan’s curiosity about Eric possibly having other children with different mothers, Lynn confidently stated, “No, I don’t think so. He doesn’t even know. I’m the only one. Mimi ndio niko,” accompanied by laughter.

Despite their significant 19-year age difference, Lynn sees no issue, emphasizing that love transcends boundaries. At 22, she and Eric, at 44, share a strong bond and friendship. Lynn firmly believes that love has no limits, be it in terms of age or gender, and their equal partnership and mutual support have been crucial in their relationship.

It’s noteworthy that Eric Omondi and former media personality Jacque Maribe were previously romantically involved. Jacque gave birth to a son, and although Eric acknowledged paying child support, the paternity has been a subject of dispute. The two were involved in a social media feud in 2023 regarding Jacque’s son, with questions surrounding Eric’s potential fatherhood.