“Ulikata Mjulus?” Netizens Zoom Kinuthia’s Bikini Video But Can’t See His Msolokombo

A dance video by popular TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia has sparked a heated discussion among Kenyan internet users, raising eyebrows and triggering a debate. In the video, Kinuthia showcased his impressive dance skills while donning a bikini, a wardrobe choice that immediately captured viewers’ attention.

Although Kinuthia’s intention was to convey a lighthearted message about the cold weather in Nairobi, the focus of the conversation quickly shifted. The video’s caption, “Hii baridi imezidi Twendeni coast 😂😂 #tbt” (Translation: “The cold has gotten too much. Let’s head to the coast 😂😂 #throwbackthursday”), seemed to take a backseat as observers began to scrutinize his appearance, specifically hoping to find evidence of something seemingly absent: his genitalia, commonly referred to as his “mjulus” or “msolokombo.” This led many to question its whereabouts and sparked debates about Kinuthia’s physique and the absence of his manhood.

In the age of digital media, any content with the potential for controversy tends to attract significant attention. Kinuthia’s video quickly became the talk of the town, prompting Kenyans to flock to various social media platforms to express their opinions on the matter.

While some individuals criticized the invasive nature of such scrutiny, emphasizing the importance of respecting one’s privacy, others engaged in debates surrounding the appropriateness of Kinuthia’s choice of attire and the underlying motivations behind it.