Man Who Attacked a Traffic Officer in Kasarani Reveals Amount of Money the policeman Wanted

A motorist involved in a violent altercation with a traffic police officer in Mirema has revealed his reasons for the attack.

The suspect, Ian Njoroge, was apprehended at his home in the Jacaranda area of Kayole, Nairobi, on Sunday evening by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Nairobi area.

Following his arrest, Njoroge was subjected to rigorous interrogation, parts of which were captured on video and circulated on social media. In the footage, a handcuffed Njoroge is seen responding to questions from two officers.

He shared details about his family, stating, “My father is a teacher at Mavoko Boys Secondary School, and my mother is a businesswoman selling lab equipment.”

During the interrogation, Njoroge admitted that he had no formal combat training and claimed it was his first time assaulting an officer. When asked what provoked the assault, Njoroge explained, “I was just angry. We were not understanding each other because he wanted a lot of money which I could not get…”

The questioning session turned confrontational as officers insulted Njoroge, forcing him to demean himself with phrases such as, “Say you are a fool,” and “You’re a cow.”

According to the police report, the incident occurred around 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. The officer, who was managing traffic, noticed Njoroge’s vehicle making an illegal U-turn, obstructing other road users. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer observed Njoroge hitting the road kerb, causing the car to get stuck.

The report further describes the confrontation: “On reaching opposite Quick Mart, the driver suddenly stopped and drew a sword from under the seat. The officer jumped out of the vehicle for his own safety, and the driver followed him with blows and kicks. He fell into a trench, and in the process, the driver took his police pocket phone battery and left with it.”

Passersby intervened, rescuing the officer and transporting him to Crestview Mother and Child Wellness Centre in Kasarani for initial medical aid. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was later referred to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital for further treatment.