“I don’t know Brian Chira,It Was Love “,Otile Brown rubbishes clout chasing with Brian Chira’s death

Kenyan artist Otile Brown recently found himself addressing speculations regarding his motives for performing at the burial ceremony of TikTok sensation Brian Chira. Some suggested he was merely seeking attention, but Otile clarified his intentions in a recent interview.

Otile’s performance at the event on Tuesday, March 26, was poignant, evoking tears and deep emotions among attendees. Speaking with Kenya Online Media, the renowned singer explained that his decision to perform was driven by the overwhelming requests from fans who highlighted Chira’s fondness for Otile’s song ‘One Call.’

Expressing his desire to honor Chira’s memory, Otile emphasized that his involvement was solely based on the outpouring of support from fans. He highlighted that prior to this, he had no personal connection with Chira, and it was only through fans’ insistence during a live session with a Tanzanian blogger that he became aware of Chira’s admiration for his music.

Otile stressed that his performance at the burial was an expression of love and respect for a devoted fan, challenging critics who questioned his attendance. He pointed out that regardless of his presence, his song was already gaining traction, with significant views on YouTube.

Having promised to deliver a memorable performance in Chira’s honor, Otile reiterated his commitment to ensuring that Chira’s farewell was unforgettable. His song ‘One Call,’ released a year ago, has garnered considerable popularity, accumulating over 4.7 million views on YouTube.

In an Instagram post, Otile expressed his admiration for Chira’s impact on his song, acknowledging the TikTok star’s influence and expressing his condolences. He invited attendees to participate in the performance, encouraging them to familiarize themselves with the song’s lyrics to join in the celebration of Chira’s life.

During the service, attendees, including Chira’s supporters and fellow TikTokers, united in a heartfelt rendition of the song’s chorus, symbolizing their tribute to Chira’s memory. The emotional moment underscored the profound connection between music and remembrance, as mourners sang along, expressing their love and support for Chira.