“Tuonyeshe kila kitu bana”- Jane Mugo Tells Sonko After He Shared Video Exposing Nkatha’s Mammary Glands.

Private detective Jane Mugo has waded into the exposé video involving former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and alleged lover, Mary Nkatha.

Mugo said it was wrong for Sonko to release the indecent video online to the public since the two adults decided to have a private relationship.

Read her full post;

My followers have asked me to pass this discussion about Merry Nkatha and Sonko which literally broke the internet over the last few days. I cannot afford silence.

I will speak up. When two adults decide to go into a private relationship, it is basic that a level of privacy is expected between the two. When one of the partners breaches the agreement, then this is at the very least a betrayal of the relationship.

The video we all saw, where Sonko is enjoying viewing and recording as his informer/lover displays her mammary glands to him is heavily edited.

It would only be fair to pass judgement after viewing the raw, unedited clip. Unfortunately, we will not have that privilege. There is so much more that has not been said, and we are condemning one party for a half-told story.

As internet users and social media communities, let us take this video with a pinch of salt, and as a lesson. Do not just trust people, even if millions of cash is involved.

I believe Nkatha could be someone’s spouse or mother, and Sonko is also a husband, father, grandfather. I want to advise him as a leader and public figure, and most of all a family man, to think before pressing the record button.

Before we judge Nkatha, let us also judge the person who recorded that trashy clip. Men respect women. Expose cartels, evil in our society and criminals. Women respect yourself so men can respect you.