See how UHURU lectured RAILA ODINGA like a child for saying he will ban Mitumba clothes – BABA almost fainted!!

Azimio-One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, sent off his manifesto on Monday , where he framed 10 agendas he will fulfill in 100 days subsequent to taking power in August.

In his discourse, Raila Odinga expressed one of his plans is to ban the importation of Mitumba, saying they might have been worn by the dead.

Raila said he will resuscitate the manufacturing sector to enable traders to acquire locally made clothes to substitute second-hand clothes.

The former Premier noted that he means to do this by increasing government support for the cotton area and textile industries in the country.

Be that as it may, Raila Odinga’s proposition to ban Mitumba evoked a sharp response from a segment of Kenyans who intensely depends on Mitumba clothing.

As per former State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, Raila was supposedly called to State House by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday for saying he will ban mitumba.

Uhuru, who is the Azimio-One Kenya alliance chairman, encouraged Raila Odinga to tame his mouth since Mitumba sellers are more than 2 million and the larger part are true voters.

The President also instructed the Harambee House chiefs to do damage control through the media since this Mitumba issue can deny Raila Odinga votes in August.