Hatutaki Mchezo," Drama as Kikuyu Elders Rubbish Speaker Muturi's Naming As Kikuyu KingPin
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”Hatutaki Mchezo,” Drama as Kikuyu Elders Rubbish Speaker Muturi’s Naming As Kikuyu KingPin

Kikuyu Elders have ended the silence a after viral information saying they were naming speaker Muturi as new Kikuyu Spokesman.

The old men have said that anybody playing with their place of worship were playing with the lord and they would face the full wrath of the gods.

The men dressed in brown kikuyu attire have spoken after a few men who claimed to be Kikuyu elderly were seen leading speaker Muturi in the shrubbery in ahead of his declaration.

In a video released yesterday to the media, speaker Muturi was supposed to walk the way of the ‘holy’ and he ought not sleep with a woman for a month.

The Kiama Kia maa men have said that nobody ought to play with the holy Mugumo tree that tremendously affects the district’s holy beliefs.

Currently, as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term comes to an end in 2022, many have tried to take the region’s kingpin.

Muturi who happens to the national assembly speaker has been seen as president Uhuru Kenyatta’s project as he leaves office.

In this case, the choice to make him the Kikuyu kingpin has been loaded up with reaction as numerous leaders from central Kenya criticized those leading the activity.

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