Tug of War as Akothee Threatens to Expose Nyako Pilot After Saying She Married Old Wazungus for Money

In an unexpected twist, seasoned musician Esther Akoth, widely recognized as Akothee, and TikTok sensation Nyako find themselves entangled in a heated social media feud, captivating audiences with their online clashes.

Although the precise cause of their dispute remains elusive, the duo has opted for a war of words, engaging in a back-and-forth of insults and clapbacks, creating a spectacle for their followers.

Nyako, who holds the title of TikTok president, took a dig at Akothee, insinuating that she married older white men solely for financial gain.

Addressing Akothee as “the president of single mothers,” Nyako asserted her dominance on TikTok, urging Akothee to show respect on the platform. She labeled Akothee as “madam money” and accused her of marrying even a 100-year-old Mzungu without any qualms. Nyako advised Akothee to stay away from TikTok, stating that the platform is reserved for hustlers and questioned Akothee’s financial standing, claiming to know only one affluent individual on TikTok.

The feud escalated as Nyako mocked Akothee’s previous marriage to Swiss national Dennie Schweiss, humorously referring to him as ‘Omosh Punjabi.’ Nyako’s unfiltered commentary on Akothee’s personal life garnered attention from fans and onlookers alike.

In response, Akothee swiftly retaliated in a video shared on SPM Buzz. Asserting herself as the “house of insults,” Akothee warned Nyako to refrain from mentioning her name in TikTok videos. With composure, the musician declared, “I am the GOAT; I do not need anyone’s name for clout.”

Unperturbed by Nyako’s jabs, Akothee challenged her adversary to persist, promising to expose her and even considering traveling to Germany to address the matter in person. Akothee emphasized her stature as a prominent figure and reaffirmed her commitment to managing her empire without resorting to seeking attention.

As the feud continues to unfold on social media, fans eagerly await the next moves from both Akothee and Nyako, wondering if a resolution or further escalation awaits in this unexpected clash of personalities.