AZZIAD NASENYA BIOGRAPHY: Real name,Age, Education and Networth

Azziad Nasenya, a popular Kenyan TikToker, serves as a true testament to the idea that God can use anything to uplift someone from humble beginnings to great success.

Before the emergence of TikTok, Azziad lived a normal life as an ordinary Kenyan girl. However, everything changed when she decided to open a TikTok account and showcase her exceptional talent for dancing through captivating videos.

Azziad’s breakthrough moment arrived when she created a video featuring Mejja and Femi One’s hit song ‘Nikikupea Utawezana.’ This particular video went viral, propelling her into the spotlight and transforming her into a social media sensation overnight.

Since then, Azziad has amassed a dedicated following of over one million loyal fans. Her popularity on the platform has not only brought her fame but also lucrative financial opportunities.

Azziad Nasenya’s Biography: Real Name, Age, Education, and Net Worth

Azziad Nasenya, whose real names are Azziad Nasenya Wafula, hails from the Western part of Kenya, specifically Mumias in Kakamega County. She takes pride in her Luhya heritage.

Born in 2001, Azziad is currently 21 years old as of 2022.

In terms of education, Azziad began her academic journey at Central Primary School in Mumias and completed her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at Lugulu Girls Boarding Primary School. Subsequently, she attended St. Cecilia Misikhu Girls’ High School, where she completed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2017.

TikTok Journey

Azziad’s journey to success on TikTok began in 2019, shortly after graduating from high school at the age of 18.

It was during this time that she created a video featuring the song ‘Utawezana’ by Mejja and Femi One. The video’s immense popularity led netizens to declare her the ‘TikTok Queen of East Africa,’ solidifying her position as a rising star in the region.

Since then, Azziad has enjoyed numerous benefits from her TikTok presence, including various opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Net Worth

Azziad’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Much of her wealth comes from her social media accounts, where she engages in product marketing and promotion.

For each piece posted on her social media platforms, Azziad charges over Ksh. 50,000. Additionally, she receives more than Ksh. 100,000 for every TikTok video and Ksh. 50,000 for live videos.

Furthermore, Azziad has also secured a position at Sound City, a renowned radio station, where she receives a substantial monthly salary.

In conclusion, Azziad Nasenya’s remarkable journey from obscurity to prominence through TikTok serves as a shining example of how unexpected platforms and opportunities can uplift individuals from humble backgrounds to extraordinary heights. Her story not only inspires aspiring content creators but also illustrates the power of determination, talent, and the ability to seize the right moment to achieve one’s dreams.