Githaiga Samuel: Prince Mwiti Made Ksh.2 Million From Chira, Alikuwa Anamuuza Kwa Wanaume Huko Mombasa.

Githaiga Samuel has made a bold move by revealing the clandestine dealings between Prince Mwiti and Brian Chira, shedding light on the reasons behind their seemingly close friendship.

The revelation follows Mwiti’s exposé of Baba Talisha for exploiting Brian Chira for content and personal gain. Githaiga, who shared a friendship with Chira and supported LGBTQ rights alongside them, asserted that he possesses substantial evidence regarding Prince Mwiti’s manipulation of Chira, effectively trafficking him to individuals for profit.

Taking to TikTok to address the matter, Githaiga disclosed that during Chira’s lifetime, Prince Mwiti orchestrated connections and facilitated Chira’s exploitation to affluent gay clientele in the coastal region, resulting in substantial financial gains, estimated to be in the millions.

In a startling disclosure, Githaiga revealed that in the month of February alone, Mwiti accrued approximately Ksh.2 million from the trafficking of Brian Chira, maintaining that he possesses concrete evidence to substantiate his claims and is prepared to expose them to the public eye.

In a bid to defend Baba Talisha, Githaiga warned Prince Mwiti of dire consequences should he persist, threatening to unveil damning revelations about Mwiti’s own actions. He argued that Baba T had made efforts to support Chira during his lifetime, and now it was time to focus on supporting Chira’s grandmother by building her a new home.

Githaiga’s disclosure serves as a critical revelation, shedding light on the exploitation and manipulation faced by individuals like Brian Chira within certain circles, while also urging for accountability and justice in the face of such exploitation.