Tanasha Donna Calls Out Pastor Kanyari For Criticizing Her Lip Fillers “Hujui chochote kuhusu Cosmetology,endelea kuhubiri.”

Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna recently underwent a procedure to enhance the volume of her lips, opting for lip fillers. However, her choice faced significant backlash from numerous fans, primarily due to initial swelling in her lips post-procedure.

Among those vocalizing their dissent was Pastor Victor Kanyari, who took to TikTok live to express his concern regarding Tanasha’s decision to augment her lips.

During the live session, Pastor Kanyari appeared visibly perturbed, questioning the rationale behind Tanasha’s desire for significantly larger lips.

“Why does Tanasha desire such plump lips? I heard she underwent an operation to enlarge her lips, and I thought, ‘Oh, her lips have been stretched,'” remarked the controversial preacher.

Furthermore, he solicited input from his followers, seeking to comprehend why women opt to alter their physical appearance in such a manner.