Kenyan content creator Babushka’s iphone 11 Stolen while he was Boarding a Matatu

Kenyan content creator and dancer Kennedy Rioba, popularly known as Babushka, recently disclosed the unfortunate incident of losing his iPhone 11 while attempting to board a Matatu. Taking to social media, Babushka lamented being pickpocketed and emphasized the significance of the lost phone, which contained a plethora of unreleased content.

Expressing his reliance on the device for his creative work, Babushka appealed to his followers and well-wishers for assistance in acquiring a replacement, ensuring the continuity of his endeavors.

Despite encountering physical challenges due to his disability, Babushka exemplifies resilience and refuses to allow his condition to hinder his zest for life. He has emerged as a luminary, earning his livelihood through his exceptional talent.

Babushka’s magnetic presence on platforms like TikTok has garnered him a substantial following, both locally in Kenya and internationally. In just a span of two years, his adept utilization of social media has not only transformed his economic circumstances but also enriched his social connections.