The Reason Why Wanjiru Wa Waya Was Fired From Kameme Tv -

The Reason Why Wanjiru Wa Waya Was Fired From Kameme Tv

If you’re a devoted follower of Kikuyu television and its programming, you’ve likely encountered the renowned TV personality known as Wanjiru Wa Waya. Wanjiru, a while back, held a position at Kameme TV before her departure, subsequently being succeeded by Jeff Njoroge.

Beyond her TV presenter persona, Wanjiru Wa Waya is a celebrated Kikuyu Mugithi artist and a prominent social media influencer who wields a substantial following across all her social media platforms.

In a recent TikTok video shared by MC Zaku, he unveiled the reason behind Wanjiru’s dismissal from Kameme TV. According to Zaku, Wanjiru’s departure was prompted by her admission that she had not pursued a journalism education. During an interview, Wanjiru candidly revealed that she had originally been brought on board by Kameme TV as a TV presenter, despite lacking prior broadcasting knowledge.

Wanjiru disclosed that her academic background was in hospitality, and she secured her position at Kameme TV through the connections of a close friend. Following this interview, her association with the network came to an end. As per Zaku, a prominent TikToker and blogger, this revelation serves as the underlying reason for Wanjiru’s dismissal.