Pritty Vishy: Siku hizi nataka Kudate Wababaaaz.. pekee

After parting ways with Madini Classic, Pritty Vishy has decided to openly discuss her evolving preferences in potential partners. The emerging socialite and content creator expressed a significant personal growth and the belief that it’s time to redirect her attention towards a different category of men.

Responding to a question posed on her Instagram page, Pritty has hinted at the possibility of finding love again. However, this time, she envisions herself developing a connection with someone older, signaling a newfound inclination towards dating mature men.

Over the course of this year, Pritty Vishy has navigated through two breakups with musicians. Her relationships with Stivo Simple Boy and, more recently, Madini Classics, concluded after just three months. Notably, she had previously entertained the idea of becoming Madini Classics’ second wife.

Despite her youth at 21 years old, Pritty has faced considerable challenges in her romantic pursuits. In past interviews, she revealed that at the tender age of 16, she attempted marriage, but the union ended in failure. Drawing from this early marriage experience, she now believes it’s the right moment to explore relationships with older, more mature men.