Meet Baba Jimmy, the American TikToker with a Luhya Accent

Isaiah Carrier, fondly known as Baba Jimmy, has made a remarkable impact on TikTok, captivating audiences with his fluent Swahili delivered in a charming Luhya accent. Originally from the United States, this 24-year-old now resides in Matunda, Moisbridge, located in Kakamega County, Kenya, where he has become a prominent figure as the founder of Wajumbe Records.

His TikTok videos, which have amassed millions of views, not only display his proficiency in Swahili but also highlight his strong immersion into Kenyan culture. This has led to admiration and even challenges from both celebrities and fans.

Isaiah’s journey to TikTok stardom traces back to 2012 when he relocated from Indiana, USA, to Kenya with his parents and 11 siblings. Settling in the rural village of Kiminini in Kitale, the family encountered numerous obstacles, including a lack of essential amenities and frequent illnesses due to contaminated water. Despite these hardships, they adapted to their new environment, forged friendships, and became fluent in Swahili, seamlessly integrating into the local community.

A pivotal aspect of Isaiah’s narrative revolves around his experiences with local traditions and beliefs, including encounters with witchcraft directed at his family. These challenges were met with prayers, reinforcing their faith. Isaiah’s perspective on these events has struck a chord with many Kenyans, further solidifying his connection with his audience.

In 2017, Isaiah married Judith, a local woman introduced to him through her brother, who worked as a translator for Isaiah’s father. Their relationship, which began when they were both 18, serves as a source of inspiration due to their shared commitment to faith and values, including abstaining from premarital intercourse. They have two children together, Jimmy and Cynthia.

Isaiah’s unconventional approach to ministry, carried out through the Kingdom Driven Ministry church, involves rejecting traditional offerings and instead urging congregants to support their neighbors directly. His music, exemplified by his recent release “Utavuna,” critiques the exploitation of the poor by certain church leaders.

Looking ahead, Isaiah plans to relocate his family to the US to provide better educational opportunities for his children. However, he intends to maintain ties with Kenya through regular visits. As Baba Jimmy, Isaiah continues to serve as a cultural bridge, sharing his unique journey and profound affection for Kenya with the global audience.