How Rich Is Mugithii star Samidoh? See His Wealth And Investments & Businesses

Renowned Kenyan artist Samwel Mugiithi, popularly known as Samidoh, stands as a testament to the remarkable journey from adversity to success. Having lost his parents at the tender age of five, he navigated life independently as his siblings faced similar challenges in making ends meet.

Born in 1990, Samidoh, now 34 years old, holds the position of the third-born in a family of six – four boys and two girls. Upon completing his form four education, he embarked on his musical journey, relocating to Nairobi in pursuit of better opportunities.

Examining the assets owned by Samidoh that contribute to his millionaire status reveals a multifaceted success story. To begin with, his YouTube channel is a lucrative venture, attracting over 500,000 subscribers and generating more than 200,000 Kenyan shillings per video, with each upload receiving upwards of 400,000 views.

Additionally, Samidoh has established the Mugiithi Club, a venue that regularly hosts influential and affluent politicians, ensuring a substantial income from their patronage.

Furthermore, the artist’s financial portfolio includes three rental apartments, each contributing significantly to his overall wealth. In essence, Samidoh’s diverse ventures reflect his resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, illustrating how he has transcended challenges to achieve remarkable success in both the gospel and Afro music genres.