From sleeping with Willy Paul to carrying Eric Omondi’s child, Details of Miss P

From sleeping with Willy Paul to carrying Eric Omondi’s child, Details of Miss P

On Monday,Eric Omondi shocked many in the wake of revealing that musician Miss P was five months pregnant with his child.

However people know her for the outrages that have spun around her since her introduction in the music business this year, there are a ton of things people don’t know about Miss P.

Here, were will give a couple of insights concerning the young artist that have astounded many with her voice.

Who is Miss P?

Miss P is a 20-year-old musician, vocalist and recording artist.Born in 2001 in a Christian family and hails from Nyeri County.

She originally came into the spotlight in November in the wake of been signed by Willy Paul’s record label Saldido.

During her time at Saldido, she gave seasoned artists a run of their money. She featured in Willy Paul’s hit tune ‘Liar’ a presentation that made fans brand her the name ‘Kenyan Zuchu’ on account of her radiant voice.

She has done different songs including Fall in Love, Tired, and Mashallah.

How did she meet Willy Paul?

In an interview, Willy Paul said that he met the Nairobi University student after his team sent him a video of her doing a version of his Hallelujah song. At that point, Pozze was searching for a female artist for his record lable.

Leaving Saldido

A year after joining the record label, Miss P left Saldido citing fallout with her boss, Willy Paul.

She claimed that Willy Paul had sexually taken advantage of her on several occasions.

“He forced me to have sex with him, not once not twice. I had to tell my mum because I had to get medical attention. -I had to seek held and my mum helped me Alhamdulillah, otherwise at this very moment ningekua nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant,” she said in an interview with presenter Ali.