Stivo Simple Boy: Pritty Vishy Never Cared For Me like Wanja Kihii does, She Just Used Me For Fame.

Renowned Kenyan musician, Stivo Simple Boy, has openly revealed the truth about his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy. He has unveiled her intentions of exploiting their connection to gain popularity, followed by their eventual separation.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Stivo candidly expressed that Pritty Vishy did not possess the qualities of a life partner. He discerned that she wasn’t the kind of woman he could envision settling down with, having thoughtfully evaluated their compatibility.

Stivo further elucidated that one of the telltale signs he noticed in Pritty Vishy was her excessive desire for fame, at the expense of genuine care for their relationship. He pointed out how she prioritized media appearances over being there for him personally, highlighting a significant discrepancy in their priorities.

In contrast, Stivo enthusiastically spoke about his current girlfriend, Grace, emphasizing her status as his ideal partner. He exuded optimism regarding their relationship’s potential to culminate in marriage, describing the happiness he derives from their companionship.

With a stern note, the musician cautioned Pritty Vishy against invoking his name for self-promotion. He advised her to embark on a healing journey and move forward, as he has already successfully moved on, cherishing his new romantic connection with the woman he loves.