Bahati breaks his silence as Kenyans continue to claim Diana Marua has slept with Victor Wanyama and KRG da Don

In response to the recent controversies surrounding Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua, the couple has stood together to face the haters and trolls.

They achieved this by publicly reiterating in a statement their decision to remain together in spite of the negative feedback. The ‘Mama’ singer went a step further yesterday and told Diana how much she meant to him.

Dear Diana ❤️I know You’ve been on the Headlines Trending, I Know it really doesn’t bother you but I thought I should remind you One thing before you sleep::: You are a Star!!! I wish I would have been there to tell you this Face to Face but I’m out of town for a Business meeting; Coming back to Nairobi Tomorrow. 

My Wife; You’re Loved by Many, You inspire Many, You’re Followed by Many and with that Darling you can’t miss out on hate. No Lie you’ve overtaken Many ever since I did the first post to introduce you to the World as ‘My Prayer Partner’.

At times I feel Sorry and regret forcing you to the limelight, at times I want to ask you for forgiveness for exposing you to this ruthless side of the world but looking at things Babe; This was God’s Plan, You were created for this!!! Look at your Numbers!!! You came just the other Day and you’re now the most Subscribed and Followed YouTube content Creator in East Africa.

You have whole Army of #TeamDiana and #TeamBahati behind You.. I might not say this enough times but I’m a Proud Husband… I’m happy to Call you Wifey🌹Babe your Success and influence is undeniable, Unavoidable and Unthinkable… even them that hate you will agree that they Respect You… I can’t Wait to take Over the World with you; Yeeeesss our wedding plans are 70% done and I just Can’t wait marry You 💍 I LOVE YOU ❤️ @Diana_Marua.