Meet Anna Mutheu, Machakos Richest Witchdoctor (PHOTOs).

Contrary to popular beliefs that Witchdoctors live a poor life full of loneliness and nights of meetings with dead spirits, a Kamba witch has proven the belief as just a myth.

Anna Mutheu from Tala, Machakos County is one of the most sort after Witchdoctor in the country.

From bodyguards to owning a Ksh 40 million house, Anna earns over 1.7 million a month from her trade and the cash never drops below 1.5 million a month.

She however uses a Bible in her rites and never misses church on Sunday.

She joins the list of rich witchdoctors in the country among them, Murang’a’s Babu Kasama who is romoured to own a private jet and a multimillion five star hotel in Tanzania.

Kasama is said to have helped lots of politicians countrywide win their respective seats.

Check out Anna Mutheu’s photos;