Meet Hamisi, Millionaire Who Has Been Sleeping In The Coffin For over 15 years.

If you believe you’ve encountered everything life has to offer, brace yourself for more peculiarities. In this world, an array of unusual occurrences continues to unfold, with some individuals deeming them ordinary due to familiarity. Hamisi, a Tanzanian man of middle age, has managed to astonish many by revealing a peculiar habit in a public interview—he has been sleeping in a coffin for the past 15 years.

Despite his wealthy and opulent lifestyle, Hamisi stands out from the ordinary crowd, sparking curiosity about the source of his affluence. Addressing the inquiries in an interview with Afrimax English, Hamisi clarified that his prosperity results from hard work and familial inheritance, vehemently denying any involvement in cults or devil worship.

Hamisi disclosed that his nightly repose in a coffin is a routine he has upheld for a decade and a half. Contrary to conventional sleeping arrangements, he has eschewed his bed, opting to place a coffin atop it. Justifying this eccentric choice, he explained that he finds satisfaction in the sense of adventure it provides and considers it a more secure way to sleep. Drawing an analogy to the safety of the deceased within coffins, Hamisi believes it offers enhanced security during his slumber.

Moreover, Hamisi rationalized his unconventional sleeping quarters as a cost-saving measure in the event of an untimely demise. By already possessing a coffin, he believes it eliminates the financial burden on his loved ones when the inevitable occurs.

Initially, Hamisi kept his nocturnal choice discreet, but when a neighbor discovered his unusual sleeping habits, word spread like wildfire. Consequently, friends distanced themselves, labeling him a devil worshipper. Even his family, suspicious of the rapid increase in his wealth, decided to maintain a distance.

Hamisi now leads a solitary life, with no friends to speak of. His bedroom has become an exclusive domain, accessible only to his housegirl and himself. To wake him up, the housegirl follows a ritual of knocking on the coffin six times. Despite societal ostracization and the challenges it poses in his pursuit of matrimony, Hamisi remains resolute in his commitment to continue sleeping in the coffin.