“Sijawahi kunywa pombe ama kuvuta Bhangi” – Musician Jaguar shares advice to other celebs

Charles “Jaguar” Njagua, a former member of parliament representing Starehe, recently emphasized that he has abstained from smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol throughout his life. He shared this information as a cautionary message to aspiring musicians, advising them against the misuse of alcohol and other substances.

Jaguar expressed, “I have never indulged in alcohol, cigarettes, or even marijuana. I urge all artists to be mindful, especially those who enter the industry and demand excessive alcohol at their tables. There may come a time when circumstances force you to drink whatever is available.”

He extended his advice beyond a specific group of musicians, stating, “This counsel is for all musicians, not just Boondocks Gang. Even those at the pinnacle of success should invest wisely now, ensuring they won’t need contributions from others in the future. I, for one, will not be contributing.”

Furthermore, Jaguar called upon MP Jalang’o to support Boondocks Gang’s Maddox, who is currently grappling with alcoholism and facing challenges in producing music. He urged Jalang’o to take immediate action, stating, “You, being an elder in the industry, have two days to locate that young man, help him clean up, and guide him back to the studio. Don’t let him suffer.”

In response to the plea, KRG intervened, announcing a reward for anyone who could successfully locate Maddox. He requested the assistance of the boda boda community in Kasarani, offering a reward of Sh20,000 to those who could bring Maddox to him.

In summary, Jaguar’s message serves as a cautionary note to aspiring musicians, emphasizing the importance of responsible behavior in the industry. Additionally, the call for support for a struggling artist highlights the communal responsibility within the music community.