SODOM AND GOMORAH: Primary school Boys selling their Body to older Men in GILGIL AND KIKOPEY (VIDEO)

In a shocking development, reports have emerged of primary school boys in the towns of Gilgil and Kikopey selling their bodies to older men. This disturbing trend has sent shockwaves throughout the community and raised concerns about the safety and wellbeing of young children in the area.

According to sources, the boys, who are as young as eight years old, are lured into this activity by older men who promise them money and other incentives. Some of these men are said to be prominent members of the community, including businessmen and politicians.

It is reported that these boys are forced to engage in sexual activities with these older men in exchange for money, food, and other basic necessities. Some of them are also said to be physically abused and subjected to other forms of exploitation.

The situation has prompted calls for urgent action from authorities and community leaders. Child rights activists have expressed their outrage at the situation and called for a crackdown on those responsible for these heinous acts.

The local government has also pledged to take immediate action to address the problem, with plans to launch a comprehensive investigation and set up a task force to tackle the issue. The police have been called upon to step up their efforts to identify and apprehend those involved in this illicit trade.

Parents and guardians have been urged to remain vigilant and monitor the activities of their children closely. They have also been advised to report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

This is a worrying development that highlights the vulnerability of young children and the need for greater protection and support for those who are most at risk. It is hoped that the authorities will take swift action to bring those responsible to justice and prevent this despicable trade from continuing.