KDF soldier arrested for beating police officers in Kilifi

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, a member of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) found himself in custody after an altercation in Rabai, Kilifi County. Allegedly, he assaulted police officers and aided in the escape of a detainee.

The incident transpired at Bondora Police Post in Rabai Sub County, according to the official police account. The KDF soldier reportedly targeted Police Officer William Omondi, forcefully twisting his right wrist and delivering punches to his chest. Additionally, the soldier and his accomplice vandalized property, breaking through a steel door and a window pane to facilitate the escape of a suspect in custody. They also subjected another individual present to physical assault within the premises.

Prompt police response led to the apprehension of the perpetrators, who were subsequently detained. The case was brought to light by Chief Inspector Christine Madiah of Kambe Ribe Police Station.

Madiah elaborated that the assault occurred as her officers attempted to carry out their duties in Magao area, near Bondora Police Post. The soldiers intervened upon the arrest of Tyson Shabaki, a suspect in an assault case. Despite the family’s agreement to surrender Shabaki to the authorities, the soldier, identified as George Lenga, and his uncle Edwin Lenga, employed obstruction tactics to prevent the suspect from being placed in custody.

Following the incident, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Rabai office, conducted an inquiry into the matter.

In a separate incident on the same day, Mombasa witnessed a similar clash involving Kenya Navy officers. They allegedly assaulted both police officers and a private security guard.

A military vehicle blocked the exit lane, and Navy officers emerged, initiating an attack on the security guard. Attempts by police officers to intervene were met with further violence, resulting in injuries to officers Emmanuel Chigunda, Anwar Hassan, and security guard Wilson Obege. The injured parties received medical attention, while investigations into the incident proceeded.