CassyPool: The Rangerover Bahati gave Diana Marua was fake ‘NI UONGO’

CassyPool, a prominent and controversial social media critic, faced backlash after openly alleging that Bahati and Diana Marua were leading a deceptive lifestyle.

During an interview with an online media outlet, CassyPool asserted that the new Rangerover supposedly gifted to Diana Marua by Bahati was not a genuine purchase. According to him, it was an older Rangerover that had been skillfully refurbished to appear new, and he claimed that the couple was using it solely for showbiz.

Further asserting that the Bahatis were constructing a false narrative of their lives online, CassyPool accused them of living a fabricated and insincere lifestyle behind the scenes. He declared his readiness to expose anyone engaging in such online deception.

His statements triggered a wave of criticism from online commentators, with many Kenyans accusing him of envy and suggesting that he focus on improving his own lifestyle, given that the Bahatis were perceived as more successful.

Despite facing a barrage of heated comments from Kenyans online, CassyPool remained undeterred. He maintained his stance, insisting that Bahati was living a fake life, and he expressed no intention to apologize. According to CassyPool, his claims were based on thorough research, asserting that Bahati and Diana engage in attention-seeking behavior for clout.