Lady in viral PHOTOs kissing RAILA and getting mushy with RUTO cries out -Stop misusing my photos – says her photos are being used to stalk high-profile politicians.

Maisha Magic entertainer and former Miss Tourism Kenya Lamu County, Waridi Kenya, has taken to social media to complain after her photographs were misused.

In the viral photographs, Waridi is photoshopped kissing Raila Odinga and getting soft with Deputy President William Ruto.

Somebody opened a Twitter account using her photographs and is misiusing them to set a political plan and request favors from government politicians.

Waridi has reported the fake account to Twitter however no move has been made.

Taking to her social media pages, she wrote, I truly like when respect mutual.

“As much as I am a cool person but when it’s this low and stupidly done, I react.

“The person using my pictures on their Twitter is called FelisterWangar7.

“It frustrates me more to see that Twitter doesn’t react even when I reported.

“I request you all to help me to report it. I have handled these cases this week and I feel so tired.

“It’s okay to use my pics on your screen, profile or wherever but not when one is misusing it for evil gain or wrong motives.

“The other one was a lady requesting for monies from politicians and leaders.

“Who else helps someone’s when in this kinda shit? Who handles copyright infringements?

Here are the viral photos.