“I Don’t Know Where My Kids Are”: Man Who Abandoned His Family for the US and Returned Home Broke 30 Years Later Breaks Silence.

“I Don’t Know Where My Children Are”: The Tale of a Man Who Left His Family for the US and Came Back Broke After 30 Years Breaks Silence.

Pastor Joseph Ibironke unfolds the poignant narrative of his three-decade sojourn abroad, only to return with empty hands.

In the early 1980s, this Nigerian man embarked on a journey to seek better opportunities in the UK, abandoning his position at Union Bank in pursuit of a brighter future.

Reflecting on his departure, Pastor Ibironke, now in his 60s, reminisces, “I left Nigeria in the 1980s. If memory serves me right, I was in my 30s when I left Nigeria, and that should be between 1983 and 1984.”

His initial years in the UK were characterized by employment as a security guard, a role that sustained him for nine years.

However, discontent with his circumstances led him to seek a fresh start in the US, where he spent a substantial 21 years.

In the US, his narrative shifted towards success as he emerged as a flourishing electronics dealer. He collaborated with prestigious organizations such as Burns International Security Services Limited in the UK and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Police Department in the US.

Amidst professional achievements, Pastor Ibironke responded to a higher calling and relinquished his career to become a pastor.

He established a store in Orange County, California, specializing in sophisticated electronics, making a mark as the only successful black individual in the region at that time.

Married to an American woman, Pastor Ibironke was blessed with four children during his US years.

Unfortunately, he now grapples with the painful reality of not knowing their whereabouts.

He laments, “Right now, I don’t know their whereabouts, and it’s very painful knowing you have children somewhere and you don’t know where they are. But I know that they can’t suffer over there. Their mother left me after my sickness.”

The turning point in his life unfolded when he fell seriously ill, and his American wife abandoned him during his struggle for recovery. Recounting the harrowing experience, he remembers his wife describing an alarming incident where he started barking like a dog and foaming at the mouth.

This situation led to his 14-month hospitalization in California, during which doctors failed to diagnose his ailment.

In the effort to recover, his wife, fearing a spiritual attack, sought advice from Nigerians who recommended his return to Nigeria for treatment.

Sadly, his illness strained his marriage, leading to his wife’s departure. Having been married in Nigeria prior to moving abroad, his Nigerian wife had already faced challenges and was eventually compelled to leave their home.

Returning to Nigeria in a weakened state, Pastor Ibironke’s ordeal persisted as he found himself homeless, spending many years sleeping under bridges in Lagos.

His circumstances began to change when a compassionate pastor intervened. Pastor Labe Orun took him to Pakoto Prayer Mountain in Ifo, where he spent six years on the path to recovery under the guidance of Prophet Ezekiel Oladeinde, also known as Baba Pakoto.