Patrick Njiru: Man Who owns Neo Kenya Mpya Buses,The rise of Patrick Njiru -
Who owns Neo Kenya Mpya Buses,The rise of Patrick Njiru

Patrick Njiru: Man Who owns Neo Kenya Mpya Buses,The rise of Patrick Njiru

Neo Kenya Mpya buses are a typical sight on the Thika Super Highway and are currently assuming control over the Kangundo route. The buses have had a sizeable portion of bad publicity; however which public service vehicle using the Nairobi route has a perfect record? The businessman who has a larger part stake in Neo Kenya Mpya buses is Mr Patrick Njiru Kuria, a businessman of no mean repute.

Neo Kenya Mpya Commuters Limited investors

Mr Patrick Njiru Kuria-500 shares

Leah Njeri Njiru-(wife)-300-shares

Douglas Kuria Njiru-(son)-100 shares

Everlyne Wangui Njiru (daughter)-100 shares

Businesses associated with Patrick Njiru Kuria
The little-known Patrick Njiru-not to be confused with legendary rally driver with the same name-is related to Kirinyaga women representative, Purity Ngirici. He is a tenderprenuer whose name was mentioned over the sale of contraband sugar. The sugar, which was reportedly contaminated, was found at his warehouse on his godown on Eastern ByPass.

An organization related with Mr Njiru, Paleah Stores, was prominetly referenced in corner dealings that brought Mumias Sugar on its knees when former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was in charge. A review by KMPG gave a sorry situation at Mumias that saw the miller lose billions of shillings to corrupt person between 2014-2014.

A news item however on the standard named “How 1,497 trucks of Mumias sugar vanished in transit” reads in part:

An item not delivered by the logistics to a client or warehouse is treated as a short landing, as indicated by the deals and appropriation norms the miller subscribes to.

Every carrier is relied upon to deliver merchandise bound for Nairobi within five days, while those for Mombasa should be delivered before the end of the seventh day. If they fail to meet these deadlines, the transporters are supposed to be surcharged.

But this time, these procedures were flouted in various occasions to conceal the distribution scam.

KPMG additionally found that 1,497 inter-warehouse transfers between Mumias and Nairobi were not delivered within five days. These related to 46 transporters.

A transport supervisor in Nairobi let KPMG know that she knew about the scam. Carriers would not deliver products meant for the warehouse, yet they would produce delivery notes for stamping.

The director said the practice was generally normal with distributors who were also transporters. Some of those alleged to have had the highest number of diversions include Rising Star, For You Carriers, Mega Transporters, Paleah Stores and Maarufu Stores.

The Kenya Mpya bus owner son, Robin Kiambuthi, was among eight people who died in the street racing accident that happened at Oldonyosambu region on the Arusha-Namanga higway.May Robin soul rest in eternal peace.