Shock as Willy Paul Exposes Young, Well-Known Man Infecting Girls with HIV at Social Events

In recent days, there has been a surge in attention surrounding the controversial news surrounding the untimely death of Pastor Kanyari’s sister at the hands of a conman. Artist Willy Paul has taken it upon himself to impart stern advice, particularly directed towards young women who engage in nightlife and revelry within the city.

Once again, Willy Paul has reiterated his counsel, this time shedding light on a highly sensitive issue concerning a well-known individual who has been preying on women during social events.

Although Willy Paul did not explicitly name the person in question, he did mention that the individual is known and typically targets young women aged between 19 and 25. Allegedly, after ensnaring them, he infects them with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Addressing the unidentified individual, Willy Paul stated, “You are a well-known figure, and you are HIV positive. Your victims are young women aged between 19 and 25. You have inflicted innocent individuals, some of whom are unaware.”

Surprisingly, Willy Paul disclosed that the most recent victim of this person’s actions is his ‘sister,’ urging the individual to cease this harmful behavior before facing severe consequences.

Willy Paul also offered advice to young women enticed by lavish gifts without putting in the effort to earn them, cautioning them to exercise caution. He encouraged those who may have encountered this man, described without a specific name, to undergo health check-ups.

“The most recent victim you infected is my sister. You should be facing legal consequences, you know who you are. Engaging with young women in clubs under the guise of party forms is unacceptable. Get tested, and for those fortunate enough, maintain hope,” advised Willy Paul.