” I have TwaTwa! With my Son Every Wednesday to be Richer” Mother Reveals.

A Woman Identified as Ajak from South Sudan has made a very shocking confession. The 42 years old lady has admitted publicly that she is having sex with her son.

Currently the two, Ajak and her son are living in Netherlands and the two have been getting intimate so that the son can maintain his wealth.

Ajak said that she has been having sex with her son every Wednesday for the past 14 years . The woman said it is a compulsory thing , because if she fails to do that, then her son will lose his money and pass away.

Information obtained by  a reliable source identified as Newslex Point. Ajak from Dinka tribe revealed that she is the foundation of her son’s achievements.

She said that she usually complies with the instructions of a witch doctor, which is giving her son her naked body every Wednesday. The witch doctor is the one who gave his son the wealth he has through mysterious ways .

Ajak has ever confessed the issue at the church, she was prayed for . But things didn’t go as expected and she returned back, to being the keeper of her son’s wealth. For the sake of the son’s life and fortune, she continued their sexual relationship. Ajak started sleeping with her son Abel since 2002.

The son’s transportation company, has now developed significantly, had just been launched. He currently has a fleet of small cars, buses, and trucks. The woman said that the norm is that they usually have sex at her house every Wednesday, because it is where the charm was buried.