“Ochise The 8th!” Akothee Announces Her 8th Boyfriend Is Loading

Akothee once again graced social media with a lighthearted and comical update about her love life, following her previous announcement of heartbreak in her marriage to Mr. Omosh, who had recently tied the knot with her.

Dr. Ofweneke, a radio and TV host, as well as a comedian, couldn’t resist joining the playful banter as rumors swirled about Madam Boss’ rumored breakup with Omosh, sparking widespread curiosity about the state of her marital affairs.

Taking to his Instagram page, Dr. Ofweneke chose to playfully address the speculations surrounding the relationship status of the esteemed Mama Rue Baby. The comedian, who had even emceed Akothee’s wedding with Omosh, used his signature humorous style to show his unwavering support for the singer.

Ofweneke kicked off his message by declaring his eternal commitment to Akothee, emphasizing that no matter how many weddings she might have in the future, he would always be there to represent and celebrate with her.

However, it was the witty and cheeky part of his message that elicited laughter from all quarters. Dr. Ofweneke, in a jesting manner, hinted that he was all set for Akothee to introduce her 8th boyfriend into the equation, considering her storied dating history. In a playful tone, he encouraged her to “leta mzungu mwingine” (bring another white man), playfully alluding to her prior romantic involvements with Caucasian partners.

In his caption, accompanying a video of him and Akothee dancing exuberantly at her wedding, Ofweneke teased, saying, “Babe @akotheekenya, even if you have a wedding tomorrow, I will always be here!!! Leta mzungu mwingine nkt!!! But I must have a good laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Akothee responded to Ofweneke’s humorous message with pure laughter and enthusiasm. She expressed her amusement with a series of laughing emojis, conveying that she found the joke incredibly amusing. She then added a playful comment, saying, “The 8th loading,” implying that she was indeed open to the possibility of a new romantic chapter in her life.