Shock as Vihiga woman left in tears as Husband disappears on dowry payment day, switches off his phone

A Vihiga woman experienced deep disappointment when her eagerly awaited fiancé vanished without a trace, despite her preparations for a grand welcome. For privacy reasons, let’s refer to her as Felista. In anticipation of her man’s visit on June 10, 2023, Felista had returned to her parents’ home and invested KSh 20,000 in purchasing abundant food to cater to her guests.

To her utmost dismay, the man from Seme, Kisumu county, failed to show up. Felista recounted her experience, saying, “I had been receiving calls since morning, but his phone was switched off. I sent messages, but received no response. My father was bewildered and left in a state of confusion, along with the stranded guests in a tent,” she shared with TUKO.co.ke.

“I prayed earnestly, hoping for a positive outcome, but alas, my prayers went unanswered. The pain I felt was indescribable,” Felista lamented. She further explained, “It is important to note that this man I had met under humble circumstances – with tattered clothes, torn boxers, and worn-out shoes. Despite his initial condition, I cared for him, took him to the hospital when he fell ill, provided him with transportation fare, and even accommodated him in my own home.”

Felista and her partner had been in a relationship for a year leading up to this unfortunate incident.