Story of Waithira Muithirania, The Queen Of Kikuyu Radio and Why She Never got Married (Video)

Story of Waithira Muithirania, The Queen Of Kikuyu Radio and Why She Never got Married (Video)

Evelyn Waithira Nyoike populary known as Waithira Muithirania is a house hold name in the mount kenya region and a famous journalist in the vernacular radio broadcasts particularly Inooro FM which is under Royal Media Services (RMS). In a YouTube interview facilitated by her fellow journalist Metha Ya Kagoni, she shared her story from growing up in Kandara constituency to becoming one of the most sought after Kikuyu radio presenters.

Waithira studied in Githunguri High School before transferring to to Gatanga Girls Secondary School after her dad couldn’t raise sufficient school fees for a provincial school after he resigned from civil service. She later went to Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) for a Mass Communication course and later did her masters at the University of Nairobi.

She landed her first job at Coro FM in 2000 and worked for some years before she was poached by Inooro FM and began working at the 21-July-2003 as the host of a program named ‘Wira ni Wira’ which means ‘Kazi ni Kazi’. She worked at Inooro FM for more than 15 years and is affectionately associated with her breakfast show ‘Mugambo Wa Murimi’, a program that enlightened farmers on present day modern farming.Her show resonated with many people and eventually earned her state recognition by former President Mwai Kibaki.

Waithira additionally revealed that she is a single mother of two kids but explained that she has never been in a marriage arrangement. She however jokingly said she is searching for a husband but numerous men will in general avoid her because of her strong personality and solid character.