“Stretch marks kwa mat*ko” – Bahati’s photo with Diana leaves fans divided.

The recent social media buzz has been all about the power couple Bahati and Diana Marua’s vacation in Dubai. Bahati shared a photo of himself and his wife, captioning it with “Mapenzi Tight … ❤️

@diana_marua,” which didn’t sit well with some of their fans. Several people commented on the post, expressing their disapproval of the couple sharing intimate moments on social media.

Despite the criticism, Bahati and Diana seemed to enjoy their Dubai vacation. The couple, who were appointed as Dubai’s tourism ambassadors representing East and Central Africa, explored the city and created unforgettable memories. Diana even shared on her Instagram page that Bahati bought her an expensive perfume worth Sh62,000 during their trip.

Here are some of the comments:

Benjamin Jr Bogonko: Wale watu wa “wataachana tu” mko wapi? Umewai pelekwa dubai kwa safari desert  kweli?? Ata utawai enda uko kweli??? Kwanza na bwana yako, not any man.

Wanyoike James: Kabahanye Sitawahi laumu Huyo Cameraman akikuwakilisha vilivyo. Hata high court watakuwa na supporting evidence why it happened. Ichieni!!!

Nikkitah Maria Nyambura: At some point I thought it’s harmonize and Diamond

Triza Wainaina: Sasa toeni nguo thegere ici 

Carol Wa Wendani: Kama hii ndio mapenzi wacha ikae basi

Ngunjiri Ole Muchiri: Si mkulane basi

Vincent Komen Chepkelyo: Na sa mchanga ikiingia kwa ki-ino mtaambia nini watu
Twaaaaaaak Makeeeende

Beatrice Murage BM: My prayers and thoughts are with the cameraman

Although the couple did not reveal whether they purchased a luxury villa in Dubai, they seem to have fallen in love with the city’s lavish lifestyle. They posted several pictures and videos of themselves enjoying a meal in the desert, dressed in traditional Arab turbans.

Dubai’s luxurious shopping malls and breathtaking architecture make it a popular destination for celebrities and tourists worldwide. Bahati and Diana plan to create more memories and explore the city’s rich culture in the future.