Kenyan Artist Nikita Kering attacked by a cow while milking it

Kenyan singer and songwriter Nikita Kering is presently recuperating from a leg injury sustained during an unexpected encounter with a cow while milking it.

The incident occurred while she was preparing a family meal at her rural home during the Easter holiday. Nikita documented the event on her Instagram, sharing a video of herself cooking Kenya’s traditional dish, ugali, and preparing the Kalenjin cultural beverage, ‘Mursik,’ before proceeding to milk a cow.

Initially, the milking process seemed to be going smoothly until the cow, with its legs tied up, suddenly kicked out at Nikita, who was seated on a low stool.

In the chaos, Nikita sustained a leg injury as she quickly stood up in an attempt to escape the shed.

The acclaimed artist is currently undergoing recovery after receiving prompt medical attention following the minor accident. She posted another video displaying a bandage wrapped around her right leg from the knee to the ankle.

Fellow artists, including Sautisol’s Bien and Jacky Vike, shared their thoughts on Nikita’s Instagram post. Jacky Vike humorously remarked, “Niruhusu nikuchekelee hapo kwa ng’ombe,” loosely translated as “Allow me to laugh at the cow incident,” while Bien commended her courage, stating, “Real baddie.”

Nikita Kering, the sensational songstress, recently made a comeback after almost a year-long hiatus, dropping two new singles.

Her latest release, ‘Let You Down,’ featuring Kemene, has been garnering significant attention on social media platforms.