Shock as Man beats wife to death over Sh4,000 shopping money in Kisii

A tragic incident occurred in Kenyerere village, Kisii County, where a 33-year-old man was apprehended after allegedly causing fatal injuries to his wife during a domestic dispute over money intended for shopping.

According to law enforcement authorities, the wife, a 28-year-old mother of three, succumbed to the injuries sustained during the altercation on June 18.

The husband explained to the police that he had given his wife Sh4,000 for household shopping. However, she did not return within the expected timeframe, and upon her arrival, she was intoxicated and had not completed the shopping. This provoked anger in the man.

During this heated moment, he purportedly assaulted her in the presence of their children, resulting in severe head injuries. The deceased exhibited visible signs of strangulation, swollen cheekbones, a swollen head, a deep cut on her fingers, and bruised thighs, as noted by law enforcement officials.

A machete, believed to be the weapon used, was discovered in the house and retained as evidence while the suspect was taken into custody.

The body has been moved to the mortuary, where it will undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

In a separate incident in Buruburu, Nairobi, a man has been arrested after fatally stabbing his 42-year-old wife during a domestic dispute.

According to the man, a quarrel with his wife escalated into a physical altercation, and in self-defense, she stabbed him in the hand with a kitchen knife. In response, he grabbed another kitchen knife and stabbed her before leaving her lying on the floor. Upon his return to the house a few minutes later, he discovered that she had passed away.

Police arrived at the scene and recovered both knives. The man has been taken into custody while further investigations are being conducted.

Similarly, the body has been transferred to the mortuary for an autopsy.