Meet Njoki Murira Twerking mother with Big Nyash ~ Runs in Family -

Meet Njoki Murira Twerking mother with Big Nyash ~ Runs in Family

Njoki Murira’s mother has been leaving netizens in awe with her sultry dance moves. Njoki shared one of her mother’s dancing clips on her Instagram stories, which showed her mother in an orange jumper and a skirt that accentuated her curves perfectly. Her short hairstyle made her look young and sassy, and she effortlessly twerked in a red dera in another clip.

Many were wondering where Njoki got her curvaceous body from, and it is from her mother. The two are like two peas in a pod, and the TikToker adores her mum. Netizens noted that they loved the content creator’s mum and how free-spirited she was as she emulated her daughter.

Recently, Njoki shared a clip of men working on a construction site, and fans inquired whether it was for her parents. It was a permanent, spacious-looking house, and she confirmed that indeed it was meant for her parents whom she adores. Talking about it made her tear up and she was all emotional.

The TikToker’s parents must be proud of her as it is not every day children give back to the people who raised them. Njoki with her sultry dances has attracted a number of endorsements, and it is no surprise she is doing well in life.