Residents shocked after man divorces his wife two days after marriage for slapping his mother

A thought-provoking story shared by Nigerian zoologist Abdullah A Abdullah has ignited a lively debate among internet users. The narrative revolves around a man who decided to seek a divorce a mere two days after his wedding due to an incident involving his mother and wife.

According to Abdullah’s account, the conflict unfolded during the wedding reception when the available food supply ran out. At that moment, a couple from the groom’s mother’s side arrived, expecting to be served. However, there was only a small portion of food remaining, which the bride had intended to offer to her own parents.

The mother-in-law approached her daughter-in-law discreetly and requested some food for the visiting couple, highlighting the unfairness of them going hungry after traveling a considerable distance. The bride, resolute in her decision, firmly declined, explaining that the food was intended for her parents. Frustration mounting, the mother-in-law took matters into her own hands and attempted to take some food onto a plate. Swiftly, the bride reclaimed the food and poured it back into the cooler.

Tensions escalated, culminating in an altercation where the mother-in-law slapped her daughter-in-law, who retaliated in kind. Although the groom was aware of the incident, he chose not to create a scene during the reception. However, only two days later, he initiated divorce proceedings, leaving his mother pleading for forgiveness and urging him to move forward.