Risper Faith brags about failing KCSE but having a hot body

During a recent Instagram live session, Lady Risper, also known as Risper Faith, made a number of controversial statements. Firstly, she admitted to having failed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) national examinations, yet still managed to succeed in life, which baffles women who achieved A grades. Secondly, she boasted about having a hot body.

Lady Risper’s larger conversation centered around advising women to humble themselves to their men in order to be bought lavish things, which she enjoys. She also suggested that women should toe the line until they are married, and thereafter become any type of women they want to be.

Lady Risper suggested that women should ask their partners where they see themselves in the next five years and what type of wife they are looking for. According to Lady Risper, men will say they are looking for a beautiful wife, which she believes she is. She said she has the assets, chest, face, and brains, and believes in herself, with 1.7k followers on the live stream. Lady Risper also revealed that women with A grades ask her how she succeeded in life, despite her C- grade in KCSE. She attributed her success to being street smart and believing in herself.

Lastly, Lady Risper bragged about being a rich man’s wife and living a luxurious life. She currently resides in a three-floor mansion with her husband, Brian Muiruri, and their son, Ryan. She drives a Range Rover and flaunts her lifestyle and voluptuous assets on social media.