“Ni sawa tu vile umenifanyia,Mungu anakuona"- Dj Fatxo to Gathoni after she dumped him. -

“Ni sawa tu vile umenifanyia,Mungu anakuona”- Dj Fatxo to Gathoni after she dumped him.

Dj Fatxo has been left with serious heartbreak after his longtime girlfriend, Gathoni dumped him.

Taking to her social media accountvto announce the breakup, Gathoni said that Fatxo has been giving her baseless excuses whenever he is wrong.

She however wished him well though saying that the two are not compatible and their relationship can not work.

On his side, the mugithi singer dismissed her saying that he has been single for the last three weeks.

He went on further to say that singlehood has been good to him and he regrets nothing.