Bahati insists on getting a vasectomy: “Sitaki watoto Tena” -

Bahati insists on getting a vasectomy: “Sitaki watoto Tena”

Gospel artist Bahati has expressed his firm decision to undergo a vasectomy procedure in order to prevent fathering any more children. The musician, who is already a father of six, has concluded that other contraceptive methods have not been effective for him and his partner, Diana Marua.

Bahati candidly shared, “Honestly, I am seriously considering getting a vasectomy because it seems that the withdrawal method is not working for me. The situation has become rather complicated, and I do not wish to have any more children. I already have enough responsibilities.”

Interestingly, Bahati’s stance on vasectomy has taken a significant shift, considering that he previously opposed the idea when Diana Marua suggested it.

The singer also acknowledged that, despite the drama surrounding his two baby mamas, his co-parenting relationship with his first baby mama, Yvette Obura, remains harmonious.

Ironically, just four months after publicly advocating for her partner to undergo a vasectomy, Diana Marua had a change of heart. She made a social media post where she promised to bear another child for Bahati.

This change of position came shortly after the couple welcomed their unplanned third child. One could speculate that the costly gifts Bahati bestowed upon her and his promise to offer her five additional gifts for taking care of their five children played a significant role in altering Diana’s perspective.

In her post, she also mentioned that she would reward him with more children in return.